I started working on this project on the 10th of October 2022. Hence, this project is still in its early stages, but, given the short time, the progress is already amazing. Features include

  • an App prototype, including explicit content after age verification. Additionally, there is

  • a recommendation system to show you the content you like. The recommendation system considers hair color, ethnicity, clothing, breast size etc. Additionally, I have

  • a pipeline for AI based picture generation. And of course,

  • a platform for the community with Discord and Patreon. Your help and feedback is greatly appreciated!

In Progress

Currently, I work on the following:

  • Add user preferences to allow the algorithm to zoom in quicker on what you like.

  • Add more explicit content and improve image quality.

  • Integration of CGI to improve the AIs' understanding of anatomy(long term). This will lead to maximal control and improved quality of pictures. I already have a pipeline that allows me to generate pictures in a combination of a 3D model and AI-based image generation. I currently work on an AI that copies the pose of a 2D image to a 3D model.

Planned Features

And this is only the beginning! For the future, the following features are planned:

  • Make the generation and recommendation aware of facial features. Currently, every generated picture looks different. However, the goal is to create virtual actors, such that you can view a virtually infinite amount of pictures per actor!

  • More AI stuff like neural networks for body part segmentation (e.g. what parts of the picture show breast), automatic 3D pose generation and similar. Ultimately, the goal is not just to create the perfect porn AI but also tools that will be useful for other creators.

  • Short video clips.

June, 2023